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KASK present the fastest ever road helmet

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Utopia, developed with Team Sky, offers year-round riding for road riders and triathletes

January 14th 2018, KASK have today unveiled their most aerodynamic road helmet, which be available to buy later this year. The Utopia offers the very latest technology in aerodynamics and ventilation, giving cyclists a super-fast ride while retaining excellent safety and cooling capabilities.

Like many other KASK helmets, Utopia has been developed with Team Sky to ensure the helmet is designed and tested in the toughest conditions possible and able to withstand the demands of even the most prolific riders.

Team Sky will first race using Utopia in the Santos Tour Down Under, according to the stage profiles, and will wear them in white to match the team’s new look for 2018.

Ylenia Battistello, KASK’s cycling brand manager, said: “We are excited to extend our road helmet range and continue to push the boundaries even further with Utopia. We are really grateful to have such talented athletes on hand to test our products at the highest level, and have access to such hi-tech facilities in order to ensure design perfection.”

Carsten Jeppesen, Team Sky Head of Technical Operations and Commercial, said: “When it comes to aerodynamics there is little that is more important than the helmet, but it’s not just about aerodynamics – the safety of our riders is our first priority, and KASK share this philosophy. In addition to this our riders need comfort, breathability, temperature management and style, all of which to contribute towards optimizing performance. Working with KASK on the development of the Utopia has enabled us to hone in on many of these areas to produce a fully tested, well-rounded helmet, which proves to be a great addition to the versatile KASK range.”

To develop the Utopia, KASK tested 10 of the best road aero helmets on the market in the wind tunnel, and created a 3D scan for a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation. The helmets were tested at various speeds and yaw angles to reflect cross winds. At the end of the test, the drag data of Utopia versus the best competitor helmet resulted in a saving of up to 6 watts when riding at 50kph.

Aerodynamics is at the forefront of Utopia’s design with ventilation also a key factor considered during its development. Suitable for riding road racing and triathlon, Utopia can be used year-round in all climates, due to its refined design to keep the rider cool, especially when riding at high speed.

Utopia uses a breathable and quick-dry padding, offering a 5mm layer of fast-wicking material called Resistex®* that takes moisture away from the rider’s head and moves it to the helmet’s outer shell, contributing to a helmet that’s comfortable to wear all day.

*Resistex® Carbon is a yarn with unique technical characteristics involving a continuous filament of conductive material based on active carbon. Benefits of using this fibre include:

Antistatic – disperses electrical charges accumulated from the environment during physical exercise

Bacteriostatic – respects the skin and protects from bacteria and polluting allergies

Heat regulating – fibres speed up the evaporation of perspiration and help maintain a constant temperature

  • Key features of Utopia
  • Super lightweight, coming in at 235g (size medium)
  • Vents are designed to improve aerodynamics and cooling
  • Quiet riding experience thanks to the reduced windrush close to riders’ ears
  • Internal channeling has been redesigned to further improve the aerodynamic capacity
  • Uses the easily adjustable Octo Fit adjustment system
  • Utopia will be available later in the year.

Utopia will be available in three sizes:
S – 50-56
M – 57-58
L – 59-62

SILEX 9000 and REACTO DISC TEAM been awarded the Taiwan Excellence Award 2018

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After our eONE-SIXTY 900E was given the TAIPEI CYCLE d&i award in 2017, it was now the time for the all-new SILEX 9000 and the new REACTO TEAM DISC to shine.

Both bikes were awarded the Taiwan Excellence Silver Award 2018.

This is a great recognition for the new gravel/all road addition to our range – the SILEX – as well as for the most up-to-date version of our aero road bike – the REACTO TEAM DISC.

To find out more about the Taiwan Excellence Awards, please go to 

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Our flagship aero bike – the new REACTO DISC TEAM-E – has been tested by the crew and they have given it 4.5 out of 5 stars, calling it an ‘Exceptional aero road bike that offers fast reactions, a stunning spec and plenty of comfort’.

Here some outtakes from this fantastic test:

‘The new Merida REACTO Disc Team-E is a fast and responsive aero bike that offers plenty of comfort alongside the all-weather capability of hydraulic disc brakes. This bike is an absolute peach.’


‘The previous generation REACTO – Mark II – was noticeably more comfortable than many other aero bikes out there and the new version moves things further forward again.’

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Elcykeln är Årets Julklapp

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För trettionde året i rad har HUI utsett Årets Julklapp i Sverige, i år föll valet på Elcykeln. Frågan är om valet någonsin har varit lika passande? På ett självklart sätt berör elcykeln 3 av vår samtids stora frågor: Urbanisering, Oron över klimatförändringen samt intr läs mer

Återkallelse Shock Links – One Twenty kolfiber

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Merida återkallar ”Shock Link”, bakdämpar-länkage som sitter på 2016 och 2017 års modeller av One Twenty med ram i kolfiber. För oss på Merida är konsumentens säkerhet alltid i fokus vid utveckling och konstruktion våra cyklar och därför vidtar vi direkt dessa åtgärder. Vi beklagar det inträffade och hoppas på samarbete för att lösa situationen.

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NEW REACTO wind tunnel video

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The NEW REACTO – lighter, more aerodynamic and more comfortable. Find out about the key improvements and the detailed wind tunnel work that goes into our top performing aero bike.

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