ONE-TWENTY XT crowned Test Winner

Our ONE-TWENTY XT-Edition was given the highly sought after ‘Test Winner’ accolade by German cycling magazine powerhouse MOUNTAINBIKE. The test crew had a look at our full aluminium trail bike in issue 05/2017 and gave it the big thumbs up.


Our eONE-SIXTY 900E flagship continues its winning streak. After being awarded the Design & Innovation award (story here) as well as the TAIPEI CYCLE d&i award (story here) it has managed to grab a further two ‘top scores’ in the latest issue (#009 – 02/2017) of E-MOUNTAINBIKE.

Road.cc to test the SCULTURA DISC 6000

After testing our SCULTURA DISC TEAM in September (please see test here) the Road.cc test crew now had a look at the more comfort orientated SCULTURA DISC 6000.

eONE –TWENTY 900E – ‘9 out of 10’ on MBR.co.uk

The MBR (Mountain Bike Rider) crew, after they gave our ONE-SIXTY 5000 the sought after ‘Test Winner’ award in their February issue (please find the full story here), have now gone down the ebike route and checked out our top end eONE-TWENTY 900E powered by the superb Shimano STEPS E8000 power unit.