After the recent re-introduction of Alban Aubert it is now time to say hello to Clemens Kaudela, freerider and dirtjump extraordinaire from a little village of Unterstinkenbrunn in the North-East of Austria.

Clemens has spent the last few weeks in South Africa being part of the infamous Dark Fest dirt jump event (more about that later), so it felt like the right time to tell you a little bit more about the man who loves to spend long times in the air on board of his MERIDA.

As mentioned above, Clemens is from Austria where he got into riding his mountain bike at the tender age of 10 (cross country at the time) before trying to find more and more jumps which would ideally catapult him higher and higher up into the air.

Realising that jumping was the most favourite part of mountain biking for Clemens, he very much focused his riding on this aspect and quickly made real headway when it came to tricks and air time.

A supportive family allowed him to push his passion forward and Clemens managed to get his first sponsorship deal when he was 18 (2008) before turning professional four years later.

To get a glimpse of what Clemens likes doing on a bike have a look at his ‘Highest Air’ jump at the Suzuki Nine Knights event in September 2016:

Besides riding or rather jumping his bike, he got into building his own jumps early on as well and got involved in creating courses and jumps for other events. He now runs his own company ckconstruction, building tracks and ramps, which keeps him busy when not sitting on his bike or simply being out for a ride. He is also lucky enough to have his own backyard which is littered with jumps and features, and he even has a mini ramp and foam pit down the road. Dirt jumping heaven!

With a broad arsenal of MERIDA bikes, from dirtjump bikes, a ONE-TWENTY for all mountain riding, a ONE-SIXTY for everything rough as well as BMX and a road bike for training, Clements enjoys all kinds of riding.

As mentioned above, Clemens has spent the last few weeks in South Africa building some of the most extreme jumps and lines the dirt jumping world has even seen while measuring himself against some of the biggest names in the game (Sam Reynolds, Cam Zink, Matt Macduff, Andreu Lacondeguy…and the list goes on). Considering the exceptional quality of dirt jumpers, it was even more impressive that the riders unanimously voted him to be the ‘King of the Week’, one of the four ‘awards’ that were up for grabs during the Dark Fest.

‘The Dark Fest as part of the Fest series is my preferred format. To ride the course for a whole week without time pressure or being judged is brilliant, you can just go for it when it feels right. To also be involved in building the course is a real honour in particular as heavyweights like Sam Reynolds and Andreu Lancondeguy have to like it. It’s fantastic and I am super excited to have been given the ‘King of the Week’ title by the other guys.’ comments Kaudela.

Watch this little video from the Dark Fest building sessions to get on idea what Clemens was currently up to:

Based on his amazing achievements at the Dark Fest Clements will be heading to the next instalment of the Fest series – the Loose Fest (by Nico Vink) as well as makings his way to the ‘Masters of Dirt’ in Vienna, 17-19th March 2017.

If you want to find a little bit more about Clemens, then check out the ‘Who the hell is Clemens Kaudela’ article on We will keep you update on Clemens’ projects via our website as well as our social media channels.

Images supplied by @ericpalmer