YC (Your Choice) Special Edition Road bikes

MERIDA is always striving to give their customers something unique, something special that showcases the technology and the innovation that goes into our product line-up. In 2018 we created the REACTO SPECIAL EDITION ‘Nordic Lights’ in honour of the 2017 Road World Championships that took place in Oslo/Norway and for 2019 this ‘special edition’ is our YC – YOUR CHOICE – bikes. Let us explain…

YC stands for YOUR CHOICE, and it underlines that different riders have different priorities and look for different (sometimes opposite) characteristics in their road bikes. On top of that, today’s road bike market is still divided when it comes to certain subjects. What is the better choice? Aero or lightweight? Do road bikes need disc brakes, or are rim brakes still sufficient?

With our YC special edition bikes we don’t intend to answer these questions but simply gives the choice back to the rider. Go for a superlight SCULTURA with rim brakes or the air slicing REACTO with powerful disc brakes…the choice is yours.

The colour scheme of both bikes is based on a solid black Opal combined with glossy glitter dark blue base colour, yet they feature a unique paint job and graphics that underline the slightly contradicting character of the two bikes. When it comes to the specification, a performance orientated specification with ‘great value for money’ was the aim. The YC special edition bikes are equipped with high-end parts like VISION carbon wheels, FSA Carbon cranks and a mechanical Dura Ace groupset.

Now is your time to make YOUR CHOICE!


Specced with hydraulic disc brakes, featuring our ‘futuristic’ REACTO aero frame and underlined with a paint and graphics scheme that finds its influences in Sci-Fi movies like ‘TRON’.

Frame: REACTO CF2   STI-Shifter: ULTEGRA 8020 (mechanical shifting, hydraulic brake)   Disc brake: ULTEGRA 8020 flat-mount   Rear and front derailleur: DURA ACE 9100   Wheels: Vision SC 55DB CARBON   Cranks: FSA SL-K Light CARBON   H-Bar: Metron 4D Flat CARBON


Specced with Dura Ace rim brakes, featuring our superlight ‘classic’ SCULTURA frame. Its classic lines are underlined by a more timeless paint and graphics scheme that finds its influence in winding mountain roads and rolling valleys.

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