Singletrack Magazine visits MERIDA R&D team

While out cruising some of the best trails in Europe, UK Singletrack magazine took the opportunity to come and visit our R&D department in Magstadt to get the latest scoop on our 2018 full suspension bikes (as well as other future projects) and to get a first ride on our all new ONE-FORTY.

The ‘first ride’ feature has been out for a while (see story here) and our ONE-FORTY even made its first cover appearance on the next issue of the magazine.

However, the in-depth story of their R&D department visit is now available on – it is a Premier Story – so you will need a subscription to view it.

Here a few snippets:

'For proof of Merida’s conscious change in course, one only has to look to several new product developments in recent years. Take the current Big Nine for example, with its impressive sub-900g frame weight. Or Merida’s latest One-Sixty; an enduro bike that has been earning itself rave reviews since day one. Both were bikes that were conceived within the walls of the new R&D centre.'


'Rey and Roman talk us through the timelines involved with producing the One-Sixty and One-Forty full suspension bikes, and how testing and feedback can affect those timelines. In the case of the One-Sixty, the project first began in January of 2015, and took about 18 intensive months to complete.

The project begins with a roundtable discussion at the R&D centre on what they want the bike to be and look like. Wheelsize, tyre width, rear suspension travel, fork travel, suspension kinematics, frame material, geometry and general frame design are all discussed in this preliminary meeting. It’s a methodical approach, with all the goals and parameters recorded in a single document which acts as a record of what everyone is working towards – with individual responsibilities assigned to design elements to keep communication lines as clear as possible.'

Please click here to view the story. Enjoy!

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